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Doll Clothes Patterns for
27cm Girl Dolls Chubby such as Ange Ai, Little Fee and BID

Abigail 1880 Hoodie Time BID Nautical BID Weekend Fun BID Winter 1925
Butterfly Garden Angel Baby Sweet Pea My Girl Me Too!
Standing There Blue Surprise Little Sister Kitty-Kitty Summer Swing
Patticake 1800 Ange Ai Ridinghood Ange Ai Ridinghood LittleFee Buttoned Up LittleFee
Oh you beautiful Doll Miss Muffet Young American LittleFee Swiss Miss LittleFee

Doll Clothes Patterns for
27cm - 30cm Boy Dolls Chubby such as Little Fee BID

Hoodie Time BID Young Man BID Fauntleroy LittleFee Winter 1925 Monkey Business

30cm Dolls Slim such as Unidoll Momo

Young American Momo What a girl wants, Momo What a girl wants, Momo 1800 Momo Sailor
Spring Break

30cm Dolls Chubby such as Petite Ai and BID

Folkloric Leeann/Pitite Ai Birthday Girl What a girl wants. Heidi Leeann Bubble Gum
Sunday Best Jeepster Strawberry Leeann/Pitite Ai May Flowers Winter Weather Leeann
Summer Swing Leeann/Pitite Ai 1910 Leeann Sweet as Pie